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Lions' Alchemy

A BPAL community for guys.

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Lions' Alchemy is a community intended for men to gather and discuss BPAL-related topics from our point of view. I know that many women in the BPAL community may post in behalf of their husband, thus I will ask that if any woman want to join this group, their participation must focus on men (friends or partners) and not their own tastes, unless there is a specific topic created for this purpose (if we'd like to get your opinions on something, ladies). It may sound tough but I want that for once for that specific subject the men's opinions don't get outnumbered by women's, as this place is dedicated to the "masculine experience" of BPAL.

The main scents listing/reviews entry is located here. Any help in archiving reviews, pointing me to things to update, and basically any help in keeping things clean and useful will be greatly appreciated. I'm also open to suggestions, feel free to contact me at any time and start threads.

[This is a trans-friendly place, and also anyone is welcome to post regardless of their sexual orientation.]

Feel free to use the community banner in your signature or website to link to this place (please save the graphic on your computer and upload it on your own server; photobucket.com do this for free).

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