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29 June 2006 @ 04:56 pm
Anyone tried Hecate? I've been reading reviews. I love almond and myrrh, but...a few people said it turns to baby powder which would ruin it for me. Oh well, I'm going to try it either way so I'll let you all know what I think at some future point.

Sometimes I think I should just try the scents w/out reading reviews first. But they're fun to read.
29 June 2006 @ 05:36 am
Hi! I'm Tom, joining by invitation from aloiis, over on the bpal forums. So far I have one count em one bpal scent: Kingsport. I'm liking it a lot more on my second wear. I do have 12 more imps on the way, not really expecting them until some time in July. Oh yeah, my name on the forums is Forspecial Plate.
27 April 2006 @ 06:59 pm
I read a lot of reviews of this scent that were all, "ooh, it's Teh Manly, with its dry woods and tobacco and leather".

On me? Marzipan and then burnt butterscotch.
25 April 2006 @ 10:14 am
Hello all! I'm joining on behalf of my lovely husband, who digs his BPAL, but has no interest in joining livejournal or the forums...although he's always happy to add his .02 through me :)

K's current faves are Luperci and Voodoo, and he's got a big bottle of Wolf's Heart on the way -- he likes to use that one when work gets to be a bit too stressy.

I keep him well stocked in the gentlemen/gender-neutral imps, so if there are any blend-specific questions, I'd be happy to pass those along.
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24 April 2006 @ 07:59 pm
Well if you invited me to join your group you must know what that entails. There are consequences.

I speak, I write, I talk too much. :)

So thanks for inviting me, bonjour, bonsoir, bonnuit. :)

My current obsession, of the BPAL persuasion, is Nero! Nero is so damned smooth! I also love Dead Man's Hand and Hellcat right now. I own a buttload of BPAL fragrances of the manly variety so if you want an individual review on a specific scent let me know.

Bon chance!
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25 April 2006 @ 01:49 am
First of all I wanted to thank you people already for supporting this community. Thanks to Kellerbl who helped me letting people know about this place, thanks to the people who are joining, and thanks as well to all those who replied in various communities and have supported Lions' Alchemy. I'm really glad to see you like the idea and I want you to know how much I appreciate this. :)

I also wanted to let you know I made a mini-banner to link to this place in case you want to wear on boards or elsewhere as a signature, or to put on your site(s). Of course if you want to make your own you are welcome to do so! (Please save this on your computer and upload it on your own FTP/server so you save my bandwidth!)

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24 April 2006 @ 05:59 pm
From the promotional material on bpalanonymous: "We consider men to be masculine-identified individuals who live as a male gender in society, so if you're a non-biological male you are just as welcome as a biological one. This community is 100% transgender friendly."

I can't say how grateful I am for this...it's hard enough being a guy into who's into bpal without being a transguy who's into bpal - not knowing when it's ok to say that my body chemistry differs from other guys', stuff like that....

This is a great community. Cheers!
18 April 2006 @ 04:22 pm
This entry will be updated regulary.

I've underlined oils that can be described as fairly/most masculine, based on reviews (unless only one or two people would describe it as masculine). Feel free to start entries in this community about each oil if you want to review, and I'll happily link to it from here. I think it would be a good idea to have men's opinions gathered in the same place this way. Feel to share suggestions here or ask any question you may have. Oils in italics are discontinued.
[Mini-icons courtesy of Storme, Penance and Diana.]

Her Drosselmeyer [On BPAL.Org] [On Lions Alchemy]
Luperci [On BPAL.Org]

Absinthe [On BPAL.Org]
Aureus [On BPAL.Org]
Black Forest [On BPAL.Org]
Chypre [On BPAL.Org]
Dee [On BPAL.Org]
Eidolon [On BPAL.Org]
Incantation [On BPAL.Org]
Magus [On BPAL.Org]
Namaste [On BPAL.Org]
Omen [On BPAL.Org]
Shadow [On BPAL.Org]
Umbra [On BPAL.Org]
Voodoo [On BPAL.Org]
Wilde [On BPAL.Org]

Darkness [On BPAL.Org]
Despair [On BPAL.Org]
Embalming Fluid [On BPAL.Org]
Sepulcher [On BPAL.Org]
Thanatopsis [On BPAL.Org]

Burial [On BPAL.Org]
Hurricane [On BPAL.Org]
Inferno [On BPAL.Org]
Undertow [On BPAL.Org]

Anathema [On BPAL.Org]
Bacchanalia [On BPAL.Org]
Cathedral [On BPAL.Org]
Damnation [On BPAL.Org]
Dorian [On BPAL.Org]
DeSade [On BPAL.Org]
Faustus [On BPAL.Org]
Hellfire [On BPAL.Org]
Hellfire (old version) [On BPAL.Org]
Laudanum [On BPAL.Org]
Nero [On BPAL.Org]
Penitence [On BPAL.Org]
Sin [On BPAL.Org]
Torment [On BPAL.Org]

Casanova [On BPAL.Org]
Endymion [On BPAL.Org]
Golden Priapus [On BPAL.Org]
Ravenous [On BPAL.Org]
Saturnalia [On BPAL.Org]
Satyr [On BPAL.Org]
Snake Oil [On BPAL.Org]
Vicomte de Valmont [On BPAL.Org]

Arkham [On BPAL.Org]
Banshee [On BPAL.Org]
Bloodlust [On BPAL.Org]
Bluebeard [On BPAL.Org]
Dracul [On BPAL.Org]
Entropy [On BPAL.Org]
Fenris Wolf [On BPAL.Org]
Hakkotsu [On BPAL.Org]
Loup Garou [On BPAL.Org]
Malice [On BPAL.Org]
Pain [On BPAL.Org]
Serpent's Kiss [On BPAL.Org]
Spectre [On BPAL.Org]
Typhon [On BPAL.Org]
Venom [On BPAL.Org]
Villain [On BPAL.Org]

Jabberwocky [On BPAL.Org]

Anthony [On BPAL.Org]
Iago [On BPAL.Org]
Titus Andronicus [On BPAL.Org]

Port-Au-Prince [On BPAL.Org]
Rome [On BPAL.Org]
Whitechapel [On BPAL.Org]

Baron Samedi [On BPAL.Org]
Czernobog [On BPAL.Org]
Old Scratch [On BPAL.Org]
Tezcatlipoca [On BPAL.Org]

Wolf's Heart [On BPAL.Org]

Oneiroi [On BPAL.Org]
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17 April 2006 @ 03:16 pm
This place is quite empty for the moment, but this should soon change as I archive things from different places and as people (hopefully) join.

Why did I create such community? It's quite simple. I still am very new to BPAL, but wandering on the boards and community I quickly realized how few men there were, and thus how few reviews from a male point of view, if I can say so, can be found. Now, I must say that I'm perfectly okay about women who enjoy wearing masculine scents or oils intended for men, and it's normal that they review them as well. The thing is, while I believe we share much in common, I also think that sometimes we do not perceive "feminine" and "masculine" the same. That often means that if a guy is searching for review on a particular oil, they may want to hear opinions from their fellow male sniffers instead of women's. By the way, I am not saying that men should wear masculine scents and women should wear feminine scents. I welcome male reviews on just any oil and I encourage them to try out whatever they want.

Also, sometimes men may just want a place to gather and share their experiences without being outnumbered by women - and if they want to hear from women, there still are the usual boards/communities available too. That does not mean that women are not welcome, but if any want to join, please pease ladies, don't comment on your preferences when this is about male preferences. I encourage threads on "what does your girlfriend/wife/female friends prefer you wearing" or "what does turn her/them on" and such, but the reviews themselves should remain about men's opinions on said oils; women are free to post in behalf of their husband/partner, although I would be even happier if those could join the community to post themselves.

We may not be many at all, but in any case I will archive the useful stuff and review as much as I can. If the community works fine and I need some help, I will probably ask a more experienced male member to co-administrate with me.
Suggestions are welcome, e-mail me if you have any question.